35 thoughts on “6 Completely Overdone Financial Blog Topics

  1. Funny list Lauren. As a finance blogger it does get old reading the same topics over and over. Of course it’s usually because those topics really are that important and need to get drilled home for as many people as possible. There are only so many finance topics to cover. So I’m sure I’ll cover most of these topics at some point.

  2. THANK YOU! I agree completely. The blogs I most like to read are the ones that put the PERSONAL in personal finance. Tell me your story! Maybe throw in tips you learned along the way so we can learn together, or share your reasoning behind an uncommon choice you made, but quit making me feel like my emergency fund will never be big enough! 🙂

  3. I try to add a little spice at my blog, and hopefully I have. I try to give insight to the reasons why we make the financial decisions we make with a mix of psychology and my personality (which I hope doesn’t come off boring in my posts). I haven’t really tackled the emergency fund post, yet. I know I plan on it because I figured I couldn’t really be a serious PF blogger if I didn’t have at least one emergency fund post…and that’s it…only one…I promise 🙂

    I thought your piece was pretty funny…I like your humor!

  4. Hahaha! Nice.

    But let me add this. When I became a blogger I fell in with the PF bloggers even though I don’t write a PF blog, mine is more of a blue collar workers day-to-day life sort of blog. But I started reading PF blogs and was amazed by all the knowledge. Emergency funds, retirements, debt snowballs, setting goals, making plans… it was all news to my dumb a*s. Of course now, over 1/2 year in, I’m also tired of reading those types of posts. But what about all the newbies who are stumbling onto PF for the first time right now? It’s all news to them and if all PF bloggers stopped repeating stuff, then all the newbies would never get the info!

  5. I think the idea of posting about money EVERY FLIPPIN DAY is overblown by bloggers. I mean, come on, ANOTHER post on cash, investing or debt? Yada yada yada. Get over it already. 😉 funny stuff.

  6. Ha! You know though I think we as PF bloggers see these posts more times than the average person. We are drawn to financial blog posts, we subscribe to them or have blogs on our readers etc. Most people who have a variety of interests may not catch that same type of blog post 4 times in a week from various blogs like we would. I hope that makes sense to you, because it does to me. I also think that each blogger brings a sense of uniqueness and personal twang to their posts. This is what I enjoy reading even if it is only a refresher on a topic that we already know so well. Besides what one person may see 3 times another may see only once, the power of advertising and marketing. Cheers and thanks for the chuckle! Mr.CBB

  7. HAHAHAH… so true. I agree with CanadianBudgetBinder though, we see this stuff over and over again. My other favorite one is when the topic is so obscure that nobody really knows how to implement it, like an investing post that is so specific that you’d need a degree in economics to figure it out…and beyond that there’s the Latte Factor that needs to go away…newbies need it but most of us see it overdone!

  8. Haha! I’m guilty I’m sure. I’m actually planning a captain obvious post. I’m not going to redact it, though. Redundancy is always going to be a problem as people need content and want to react to what’s going on in the world around them/the blogosphere around them. It can get old as a PF blogger, but I agree with Shannyn and Mr. CBB, too! Thanks for writing this…it needed to be said.

  9. buahahahah! That was very funny! I know, there are some blogs that state the obvious so much that each time they do, a baby dolphin dies. It’s just sad. lol! You mean I have to earn more, spend less, or both. I never know that wise piece of info. It’s always the “how” that gets me reading blogs. That’s the real struggle,and not that I want anyone to suffer, but I learn more that way that someone stating the obvious.

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