It’s time to set some goals.

Every person has financial goals. Any financial blogger worth their salt generally shares these goals and their progress with an audience. This glimpse into  where you are with your money/how you want it to grow is extremely personal, and if there is one thing I have learned in my short time blogging, it is that the more personal the writing, the more your heart is in it-the more people will want to read.

I began really focusing on this blog in May, and in the few short months the response has been incredible. It is constantly a work in progress and since I am NOT a patient person this has been a tough lesson to learn, but I am getting better. Still, my life has been in flux for the past few months which kept me from setting any concrete, tangible goals. In May I moved home from New York after living there for almost two years and since then my to-do list has been this:

1.) Find a JOB.

2.) Be happier than I was in New York.

I am proud to say I accomplished these goals, but they’re still kinda lame. They’re lame because they aren’t specific. I was so focused on drafting what I wanted the next chapter of my life to be that I forgot to put pen to paper and start to write the actual story. If you read my guest post at Canadian Budget Binder (which you should, if you haven’t already) you already know that I went to private school for middle/high (we called it “upper school”, how Harry Potter of us.) One of the first classes I took in sixth grade was “Goal Setting”. Seriously, sixth period I went to a class called “Goal Setting”. I was twelve.

The teacher, Mr. Gelfand was a hunky ex-fireman from New York. He was funny and spent half of the time goofing off. I remember him lecturing maybe three times the whole term, and the rest of the time was spent cracking jokes while we filled out worksheets on our goals and feelings. Although I doubt the class merited a full semester (1 hour a day, five days a week for twelve weeks) it is actually a useful skill and mentality that was probably lost on my pre-teen brain. I think the only goals I had at the time were trying not to get my period until seventh grade and spending less time on AIM. Still, Mr. Gelfand taught us all a great thing: a goal doesn’t become real until you write it down. Kinda like relationships not being real until you put them on facebook. You have to acknowledge that shit.

“You can’t get anywhere without a map–goals are the map.” He’d said.  I haven’t set any goals lately, and subsequently I haven’t been handling my finances (or my life….) as well as I normally do.

So here are my goals for August, and if you’re feeling curious you can check my “Goals” page for details and progress on some of my “bigger picture” financial goals for the year.

Goals for August

1.) Run 5x per week.

2.) Get my self hosted website up and running– This was supposed to happen today-I even set up a cute graphic and tweeted “pardon my dust” like a nerd, but because I haven’t owned my domain for sixty days I can’t transfer it to my hosting service until August 12th. Look for some downtime/shiny new website next week.

3.) Keep expenses under 1000.0o for the month-I’m pretty sure this got shot-to-shit today when I had to take Murray to the Vet. He’s feeling better, but my wallet is hungry and sad. Dogs are expensive- you know this, I know this, but I just wanted to complain about it here.

4.) Get health insurance– Yeah, this another thing I haven’t been so great about, but hopefully I will have it soon!

5.) Have 10 No Spend Days-While I was partying like a rockstar in NYC my friend, Jordan, who is all kinds of awesome looks at me with her trademark eyebrow up in the air and says “So…that no spend challenge… didn’t go so well.” Ha. No. It definitely didn’t, but I’m taking baby steps. 10 NSD’s is a lofty goal, 1/3 of the month actually, but I feel confident I can do it.

6.) Have 175 Twitter followers and 50 facebook likes– The facebook page is lame, I know it is, but hopefully I will have more info to put on it once the actual self-hosted site is live and I discontinue publicizing new posts on my personal facebook site. In the meantime if you could like me I would really appreciate it. I promise not to spam you with updates and invitations. Even though stats for my site have slowed a bit this week I am encouraged because most days when I post I get 4-5 new twitter followers which, I’m not kidding, lights up my life.

That’s all! Happy Hump Day! 🙂


22 thoughts on “It’s time to set some goals.

  1. Hey!!! I can’t wait to see your new website then pick your brain lol. As for the FB followers make sure to stop in and say hello so we can send some fans to check out your page! I need to look at our goals again and see how our progress has been coming along so thanks for the reminder. Cheers darlin! Mr.CBB

  2. Good goals, except may I make a suggestion about running? I think 5x is a’s very repetitive on your body. Maybe mix some of those days with some cross-training/yoga? Just a thought! Good luck with your goals!

    • I’ve been running 3x per week and doing some light weights, but I’m just not seeing the results I want, and I can’t afford yoga right now as I only work PT. 😦

  3. If you are going to do the running 5x a week, have you been running often? (I only ask because I can’t remember…) When I first started out again, I did the couch to 5k program which was awesome. Now I run 6 ish times a week but I try to vary it up (hills, intervals, long distance). Good luck on your goals!

  4. Nice goals.. I know that your facebook and twitter goals will be met easily.. the money tree is unstoppable! 🙂

    I wish that I could run 5x /week… I so badly need to incorporate more exercise into my life.


  5. Goals are SO important, I’ve learned that even if you don’t meet them… writing them down and trying is what matters… you’ll end up doing more than you would have otherwise. I hope you meet yours! –Nell

  6. My goals are a lot lamer than most people’s: Have lunch with two guys a month, have one evening of games with friends, one day trip for good together time with the missus, help one person in some way or another, that kind of stuff. I still get too many FAILs but I keep putting it out there. 🙂

    Quality of life to me has become more important than schedules or money. Yeah, those things are necessary and therefore important. But they don’t do as much as the real stuff.

    So I say your original goal #2 ain’t that bad.

    Keep it. Put it back as #7. And keep shooting for it. It’s the most important one of all. Doesn’t matter if you can’t quantify it. You’ll know if you met it.

    And don’t be so hard on yourself. 🙂 I mean, really, what does it matter if you run 3 times instead of 5 times?

  7. Hmmm I guess as a finance blogger I’m not worth my salt 😦 I suck at setting goals. I keep them all in my head and don’t make them real by writing them down. I just feel that my life and future is in a big transition phase right now. So any goals I set would probably be either too unrealistic or too easy. For now I’m just pushing myself hard with my blog and improving my social life. Hopefully I can free up more time soon to fit in other goals like working out.

    Good luck with all your goals Lauren. I really wish I had taken a goal setting course back in school. Even though it was a lot of goofing off, I’m sure you learned some good things there.

  8. I agree with Beach and the Budget. 5x is a lot of running, and might be why you are not seeing results yet. Your body needs to rest. Try mixing in some cross training. You don’t need to go to a fitness class. You could do abs with crunches, sit ups, planks. Squats, lunges. Jump rope is also great and they are fairly affordable.

  9. I love your goals. I understand how you feel about new followers and likes. I am really new to this blogging thing so if anyone likes something I say it thrills me. I will be following you and checking out more of your posts. It is great to read a blog about money that has a sense of humor. So many of them feel stuffy and serious. Money is a serious matter but you don;t have to take yourself so seriously. I like a little laugh mixed in with the facts and figures. I’ll be looking for more from you.

    • Thanks so much! We try to keep it light and funny around here, and I know what you mean. Some of the PF blogs are so boring and they say the same thing over and over…it’s hard to mix it up and write fresh things. I look forward to hearing from you!

  10. Setting goals is the easy part. Sticking to them and accomplishing them…well…that’s another story. Don’t exhaust your self running 5x/week, unless you really enjoy running 🙂 I wish you much luck to achieving your August goals. Keep us posted.

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