Fashion Bloggers piss me off.

Fashion Bloggers piss me off…but mostly I’m just jealous. It’s late on a Saturday night/early on a Sunday morning and I’m doing some work on my blog to “unwind” after getting home from my “day” (night?) job. I was trying to research fashion-on-a-budget blogs but instead ran across The Pink Peonies, Atlantic Pacific and a few more of that ilk and quickly got mired in a pinterest-and-vodka time suck.

A few things I’m wondering:

1.) The blogs say little but are laden with beautiful photographs. Who takes these pictures? Who? Clearly they’re not using an iphone, and it seems like some lighting equipment might be employed as well. I know they’re doing this ish on the weekends. I have a hard time imagining they get dressed every day and say “Oh wait, we have to go take a photo for the blog!” on their way out the door.

2.) These aren’t “budget” fashion blogs. In one of the pictures the girl from Atlantic-Pacific is wearing a 500 dollar HOODIE. The Pink Peonies girl shows off her Loubotins every day. How are they paying for these clothes? Oh wait, they’re getting them for free from their sponsors. I’m green with envy, but I have to admire these women, bloggers who have “made it” in the blogosphere complete with national exposure and well-known brands mailing them clothes…for fucking free. They might be the smartest women on earth (and if someone can teach me how to get someone to mail me clothes for free, please let me know).

The 500 dollar hoodie.

3.) Where are they going? The outfits look great, but for some reason I don’t think people dress like this in real life. Have you seen the pictures of celebrities going grocery shopping? They look awful! And that is what people actually look like in their downtime. Some of the outfits I’ve seen are creative and awesome: perfect for work, perfect for playtime, but some are just downright ridiculous. I would get laughed out of school if I wore four-inch platform heels and a ridiculous hat around during the summer. Maybe I’m just not hanging with a fashion-y crowd.

Oh, you know. Just chilling on my not-dirty, not-crowded, piegon-less NYC front stoop.

4.) What is with the props? The further you get into the browsing you can see they turn to perfectly color-coordinated props to elevate the shot (clumps of balloons! Bubbles! Babies! obscure AND vintage bicycles!). I mean really? When was the last time you got off of work and picked up a bouquet of balloons to carry around?

Balloons are the hottest accessory for Fall 2012. Didn’t you get the memo?

I look at these photos with a longing I am all too acquainted with. The clothes are amazing, and the girls are stunning-which is why the clothes look so good. These pictures are escapism pure and simple, but they aren’t reality. The fact these images are more “informally” represented on blogs instead of in Vogue magazine makes them appear to be that much more attainable. I am ALL for a good shop-down, but I don’t want young women to get the wrong idea.

I’d really like to speak to one of these bloggers to find out how they can afford all of these outfits, shoes, and jewelry. Sure, they get free ones now, but what about when they were just starting? And everything they wear can’t be free. What about the amount they are consuming (although I do have to give props to Rachel at the Pink Peonies, who does recycle a lot of her pieces)? Why a different outfit each day? The organizer in me wonders where all of these clothes get stored once they’ve been photographed and discarded.

I mostly don’t like the idea these blogs propogate that you have to have oodles money to be fashionable.

I would like to see a fashion blog built for real young women. I know five photographs a week of you in an amazing outfit is fun, but I’d also like to see you running late to work or what you wear on a  day when no one is watching. I’d also like someone to teach me something real, like how to put together an outfit so I’m not running to whole foods in my yoga pants…that I’ve already been wearing since yesterday. These women clearly have a knack for fashion and styling, which is something I lack–I want to know more than just what you wore that day. What about the outfit for the women who actually have to work all day…walk around, carry a heavy bag with their birth control, lunch and gym clothes and shit in it? How do we make that stylish?

The dress/bike color combo is amazing, but your ass is going to come all out of that dress once you start pedaling.

The real answer is simple: we don’t see things like this because they aren’t as much fun. It’s not fun to budget, it’s not fun to not be able to buy the pretty things you want. So I’ll just sigh and make fun of them while I secretly long for the fashion-blogger lifestyle.


24 thoughts on “Fashion Bloggers piss me off.

  1. This is the same as the fashion magazines. For guys it’s the car magazines – whoever drives a Lamborghini to work… in traffic?

    Truth is it’s the envy factor that sells magazines – and what sells magazines sells blogs. I should know – I have no envy bait… so nobody reads my blog. 🙂

  2. I often wonder who really wears that kind of stuff. In my Men’s Health they have a fashion edition and people just don’t wear that kind of stuff here in the Midwest. Maybe on the coasts somebody can get away with it but I’m not about to spend $200 for a pair of jeans. No chance.

  3. I totally know what you mean and I’ve always wondered how these fashion bloggers can afford it all? They must have had to start out buying everything before they got sponsored. A good actual budget fashion blog I like is Frugal Beautiful. She usually lists where she gets her clothes and how much they cost, and they are never ridiculous outfits you wouldn’t actually wear. They are more realistic outfits that make sense in real life.

  4. Thank you for writing exactly what we’re all thinking! I’ve followed a few like Fashion Squad from their beginnings, and the girls did buy their own pieces at first. Once a fashion blog becomes full of high-end pieces, I tend to think of it as a bit of escapism. I look at the pretty pictures and imagine one day having a stunning wardrobe and the lifestyle to match. That said, I think Kendi Everyday is a great example of a more attainable fashion blog – she’s even written about how she affords everything, which includes shopping at outlets, working a few different gigs, and recently opening her own boutique in Texas.

    • I need to check her out. I LOVE the photos and love trying out a few of the options with pieces from my own closet, but I need something that dabbles more in the everyday. Thank you for your comment! 🙂

  5. I don’t read fashion blogs. Primarily because the clothes are super expensive and I’m just not fashionable. It seems in order to put together a decent outfit you have to put on too many articles of clothing which really adds up.

    I used to watch a lot of makeup tutorial videos on YouTube. I’d often wonder where a twenty-year old got the money to buy, literally, thousands and thousands of dollars worth of makeup. It took me a little while, but I eventually figured out they were getting all that crap for free.

  6. you are hilarious. funniest PF blogger I’ve come across yet ! Great job. I hate fashion blogs solely because they make you want to buy things you do not need… something I cannot afford to do. Too much of a tease !

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