I’m giving you permission to shop.

If it’s in your budget and clothes shopping makes you happy, then by all means GO FOR IT. For the rest of us clothes shopping can be a luxury- something we have to budget for in advance, or (more times than not) something we spend on when we really should be using that money for other things. In this Learnvest article it says the average household spends 1800.00 per year on clothing, roughly 150 per month. Thats a big number, and yet I’ve met it each and every month this year. Despite the fact that I’ve already spent most of the 1800 they say is the “norm”  I find myself with little in my closet to wear based on the reasons listed below. I’m going to have to go shopping and I thought I’d enable share with everyone else as well.

Happy Friday!

Reasons you May Need to Go Shopping

1.) Corporate Culture Change- I used to work in a supper snazzy corporate office where business casual was demanded for each work day. Even my “Casual Friday” attire had to be a bit nicer given the high-net worth clients we were greeting. This being my first non-acting job out of college I spent the bulk of my money on office-appropriate basics. The clothes I bought are awesome and will last me a long time, but I no longer need to wear them since I’m working part-time at an arts organization. Awesomely enough, it’s T-shirts and jeans all the way….it’s just I don’t own anything legitimately casual.

Since I also work from home/on a freelance basis I’m allowed to wear yoga pants every.single.day of my life and it’s great! (wheeeee! it’s what I always dreamed of! wheeeeee!) That being said, it’s probably time to invest in some high quality yoga pants as well. I’ll wear them every day!

2.) Climate Change– Having endured the blizzard of 2010 that shut the subways down in New York I panicked in 2011 and bought a nice bulky jacket (which did come in handy) and oodles of sweaters/boots to get my through the insufferably long Northeast Winters. Now I’m back in the sunny south with no sundresses or sandals to speak of-staples that we generally wear April-November in this climate.

3.) Special Events- I’m not advocating to go shopping every time someone has a wedding, but once you’ve put enough great basics in your closet your special events should be covered and you will never have to think of them again. Still, if you don’t HAVE anything dressing for an event can be tough, and if you feel like you’re not as dressed up/down as everyone else it can put a damper or your confidence and you won’t enjoy the great party. Six years ago I invested in an expensive black cocktail dress that I have worn to endless holiday parties and events where the dress is cocktail/black tie. I’ve definitely gotten the price out of it and it’s high quality enough to last me another six years. No one really notices that I’ve worn it over and over again given how rarely I trot it out of my closet (two-three times a year maybe?)

Just kidding! This isn’t what I wear to cocktail parties. I just wanted to put up a picture of myself in a princess gown.

This is what I wear to cocktail parties.


I also invested in a black Michael Kors dress that is very simple and plain. I’ve worn it to funerals, and every corporate work interview I’ve had this year. In a pinch I’ve also worn it with pearls to gallery and play openings, and work conferences. I know everyone tells you to go get a “Little Black Dress”, but no really…go freaking get one.

Obviously this isn’t me, but you get the idea.

Finally, I have a solid colored BRIGHT party dress that I’ve worn to weddings, auditions and any other occassion dictating I be “dressy casual” (bridal showers, fun parties, ceremonies etc. etc.)

This is a picture from the night we went to a gala at the Museum of Natural History-a more cocktail inspired event, but as you can see the dress is incredibly versatile.

4.) Necessities-Some things you just need. Given my progress on my No Spend challenge I still have some work to do on discerning between needs and wants, but when it comes to shopping there are definitely exceptions. Things such as a COAT that is appropriately thick to keep you warm in winter, RAIN BOOTS (so you don’t ruin your shoes), comfortable sneakers (not your running shoes, these are different!) can be fun to shop for and fill in the urge when you’re out of/need something.

What other legitimate reasons can we come up with to go shopping?


19 thoughts on “I’m giving you permission to shop.

  1. If you lose/gain a lot of weight. I haven’t quite reached that point but that’s because I did have a ton of clothes I couldn’t fit into before I started losing weight. Now I fit into them and have been going through the larger stuff to donate. I’m a little scared to donate it all so I am keeping some but not all of it. Eventually I might just give them up but we’ll see first!

  2. Luckily I’m a guy and spend nowhere near that on clothes shopping. Over the last several years I’ve barely spent more than $150 on clothes all year long. Then again I’ve never worked in a suit and tie office and I don’t really go to formal events. So my needs are quite limited. I do think some people go way overboard with clothes shopping though. They might think it fits into the budget, but that is all money that doesn’t get invested or put towards debts.

  3. I really need to look into getting rain boots. I always say what’s the point since it doesn’t rain too often over here, but when it does, I’m cursing to myself. Why didn’t I get those cute rain boots?!??!

    Finally got a little black dress last year, have yet to wear it. Sister has worn it twice already.

    • Rain boots usually hold up pretty well over time-unless you live in a place like new york and wear them every single day for four months. It may be worth it to invest in some!

  4. Fincon? It’s legit, right? I mean, I can’t go looking like a total slob! Oh, I’m so bad. I can find an excuse to shop ANY DAY OF THE WEEK, girl! I’m trying really hard to be good. Love the cocktail look! You are rockin that pencil skirt!! Ow ow! 😉

  5. great post! My gosh you’re beautiful too 😉

    I buy way more than the $1800/yr average, but I think it’s ok. As long as I’m not going into debt for my closet, there’s no problem. I also count clothing care & repair (drycleaning, tailoring, mending) as part of my clothing budget so that inflates my spending a bit!

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  7. Well I just had a pretty important interview so I thought that was a good reason! Other than that I don’t have too many good reasons to buy something, but still like to now and then to just update my wardrobe. Even just one new shirt from a discount store can brighten my mood. Make me feel pretty! Since I freelance too I wear shorts all the time. I’d actually LIKE to have an excuse to buy more dressy/girly clothes. I feel like all I live in is work out stuff and shorts and tank tops.

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