Buy THIS Instead of THAT-August

Hello everyone, and Happy August! Was it just me, or did July seem to pass faster than all of the others this year?

I know I had promised a wrap-up to my Bullying Piece, but I have a great excuse: I’m my new job today! So I thought I’d throw up a piece I had in the cue rather than write something on the fly…I hope my readers don’t mind. Besides, you’ll probably enjoy a break in the serious subject matter anyway 🙂

Here’s the story: I am in LOVE with this lamp. Don’t ask me why, but I’m crazy over it.

What I am not crazy over? It’s 169.00 price tag. It is West Elm after all, and I love their stuff..but really? 169.00 for a midget lamp is a little steep.

I am not a crafty person. I’d say I have good taste and a flair for design, but please don’t ask me to make anything. I feel so bad for my sorority “littles;while everyone else was getting beautifully painted signs, hand-sewn blankets and fancy candles they would get mason jars with stickers stuck on them and leftover Halloween Candy. It wasn’t for lack of trying, I fussed over those stickers for hours and everything I did try to make by hand usually took up my weekends. It’s just I’m not crafty…at all. Everything I end up doing looks a little bit like poo. Still, if I wanted I could make my own tripod lamp for about 30.00. The link to the how-to for this gem is here. (Thanks to Apartment Therapy for the link!)

Me being the champion for every non-crafter out there (other “pet” causes include financially challenged young-women, and puppies) I searched high and low for a cheaper alternative. One could not be found, until I wandered into Target today to get some hangers for the closet. BAM! This little fella is staring out at me, and even better–he’s on SALE.

So while normally he is 35.00, I got him for 27.00. SUCK IT, CRAFTERS! (I’m just kidding, I love you-you’re my friends). I hate repping Target two months in a row on my Buy THIS, Not THAT challenge, but it was an unexpected surprise.

The lamp in the living room!

It may not be the uber upscale look we’d all desire to have, but for thirty dollars it comes pretty darn close. Cheers!


15 thoughts on “Buy THIS Instead of THAT-August

  1. That’s a cute lamp! And congrats on the new job! Like you, I’m not extremely crafty. I am going to try to make my nephews tied blankets for Christmas but I’m giong to start well in advance and get help!

  2. I’m new to your blog, but I’ve seen you comment on other personal finance blogs. Anyways, great job on finding a lamp. Finding good deals always require patience!

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