Month End Wrap-Up for the NO SPEND CHALLENGE!

Monday July 16th- 95.09 on Groceries, 10.39 on a book for my kindle.

Tuesday July 17th-97.14 on various errands around town-CVS, picking up dry cleaning and dresses I had altered (a whopping 40 dollars. Highway Robbery!!), and then money for a movie and snacks because I needed to get out of the house.

Wednesday July 18th- Dog food for Murray= 21.59, another 9.39 for a book on my kindle. I have been reading up a storm lately. I also spent 1.29 for a song on itunes. Since when is it 1.29? I remember it being 99 cent in high school.

Thursday July 19th-Sunday July 22nd- I had a string of four NO SPEND DAYS (in a row!). I ended up going home for the weekend to spend some time with the family, so that ended up keeping my costs low. Thanks to my parentals for paying for all the fun times this weekend (“The Dark Knight Rises”, a friends play and a few drinks at the bar), and for Chase for cancelling my debit card. I didn’t do anything wrong–apparently it had been “compromised” by a third party but I’ve been without a debit card for the past week. Which is fine, except I’m leaving for NYC today and hate having to carry so much cash around in my wallet.

Weekly Total: 234.89
Total for the Month: around 1100.00 (ish…..I didn’t put up a total for week 3, remember?)

My monthly total is down compared to the past few months by about 1000.00. Which is great, except if you truly only counted my “hard” expenses like groceries, insurance and maintenance on the new (old) car, and expenses for the blog (the domain, the logo) I could have easily come in around 7-800 dollars. If I were still working I’d be thrilled to be saving at least 1000.00 a month on expenses, but I have no rent or utilities to pay so over a grand per month with no income to speak of (YET) is really kinda sad. The challenge really opened my eyes…mostly as to how much work I still need to do in order to only spend on “needs” instead of “wants”. I’m getting better, but I am learning it is a process that one small month on a “no spend diet” isn’t the cure all I had originally thought.

It’s definitely something I need revisit….after I get home from a whopping good time in the big city! Hehe.

What are your thoughts? Have I inspired you to take on a “No Spend” Challenge?

P.S.–If you don’t follow me on twitter (which you should @lbeemoneytree)–you may have missed out on the link love. Here is an EXCEPTIONAL and HILARIOUS review of “50 Shades of Grey” which has (unfortunately) been on my reading list this summer. This writer’s review of it is NOT to be missed. “Balogna Wand”.


13 thoughts on “Month End Wrap-Up for the NO SPEND CHALLENGE!

  1. My favourite time of month is month end to see how well we have done and areas we need to improve in. I think that everyone needs a snap shot of where their money is going in order to make informed financial decisions. Good for you! Keep at it! Cheers Mr.CBB

  2. First of all I read that 50 Shades of Grey review and it’s freaking hilarious!! I’m “trying” to read the book now and it’s just the most painful (ha ha pun intended) read EVER! I don’t know if I can finish it. I’m going to start writing down every single thing I buy next month, because somehow I still can’t manage to stay in budget in groceries & my cash budget, which covers things like household expenses, health and beauty supplies, and entertainment/dining out. I need to find out what holes I need to plug. And I give myself a pretty big budget for those categories. frustrating how it all adds up!

    • It is frustrating…especially since you can never “time” when youre going to run out of a beauty item. Glad you enjoyed the review!! It was so funny I had to share!

  3. Wow, that’s not very much for spending for a whole month! I’m impressed. I’ve had a VERY spendy last couple of months but I think July has been a bit better. Except I’ve spent a ton of money on insurance so I guess July is a bust too. Boo!

    • Yeah its alright, but bear in mind i didnt have rent or utilities to contend with 🙂 in NyC my “fun” budget was about 1000.00–so I think im doing pretty good at staying under.

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