Week 2 on the No Spend Challenge!

Here is how I did on week #2 of my No-Spend Challenge.

Monday 7/2- I went to work at my Dad’s office again, and yet again forgot my lunch/snack. I spent 1.63 on a Dr. Pepper and 5.77 on lunch. I also spent 13.08 on Gas.

Tuesday 7/3- Another 13.00 for gas. I went into “town” today to pick up my retainer (which I paid for last month-400.00. Ouch!) and wanted to have lunch with my good friend Capable Carrie. I lamented that I really shouldn’t go out since I’m on a No Spend Challenge and she said “that’s ok, I brought my lunch today. Pack yours and we will go eat in the park.” So we did. And it was perfect! I loved being able to catch up with her and not spend any money as well. Good friends won’t care about accomodating you and your budget.

Wednesday 7/4- No Spend Day! Boooooooom!

Thursday 7/5- I am housesitting for my parents while they are on vacation. Unfortunately the cable is out-so at night there is NOTHING to do. Nothing! So I went to trivia at one of my favorite places in my hometown. I spent 13.00 on drinks. So sue me.

Friday 7/6- This would have been a no spend day for me, thanks to my awesome boyfriend treating me to dinner and a movie. But then we went to the mall….and I used this article as justification for buying some underthings on sale at Victoria’s Secret. I’ve recently had to get rid of a few items due to disrepair so I bought two bras for 34.86-which as most women who read this site will know is a STEAL. I don’t need them and I won’t use them yet but someday I will and when that someday comes I will enjoy the savings whilst I slap myself on the wrist for yet again failing at my no-spend challenge.

Saturday 7/7- Was such a great day! First we went hiking in Little River Canyon, then antique shopping and then we were lucky enough to have some friends over. We mostly just played in the pool, dranks G Unit’s amazing margaritas and went canoeing over to Yellow Creek Falls. While there we even heckled some people who were contemplating jumping off the rock I blogged about in this post. It was an awesome day and a great way to enjoy the weather and hang out with old friends. I spent 25.21 on some cookout supplies and my friends were gracious enough to provide their own beer keeping the cost of the day down. I ❤ you guys!

Sunday 7/8- No Spend Day! Double Boooooom!

Total for the Week: 106.55

L. Bee is excited. After doing so horribly last time I managed to stay on budget and still have lots of fun going out with others. Had I only spent on actual needs this week my total would have come down to around 30.00 since I was house/dog sitting and my parents bought my groceries, but I’m not about to forgo spending ten dollars here and there if it means not hanging out with loved ones. A comment last week got me thinking about how my previous title “The Live Like you are miserably poor” challenge suggested a negative connotation-that you have to have money in order to be happy.  I absolutely do not believe this to be true and after all of the low-cost get togethers I had this week I now see hanging out with friends is possible without dropping a ton of money.

I’m sure next week will be worse since I will be back in Atlanta, but I think I am getting the hang of things.

Stay tuned and see what happens next week-only two more weeks to go!

How were all of you with your budgets witht he holiday last week?


14 thoughts on “Week 2 on the No Spend Challenge!

  1. Hey, if you are in Atlanta and need a place to crash I live in Peachtree City and we have an extra bed! I am trying to save and stay in budget! Good luck girly!

    • Arent you the sweetest? Im staying with my boyfriend in East ATL but thank you for the offer!! I hope this means I get to see you soon since you are so close 🙂

  2. Nice work!!! I love no spend days and I also love it when friends help keep the cost down =) I also love being around my family because my parents pay for a lot of things lol. I’m a freeloader when I go home!

    I also love VS…I almost bought these crops from their Pink line when I was in store last week. I resisted though!

  3. Excellent work! I love VS but I try to stay away from there–I really love to buy bras there as they last for so long. But I currently do not need a new bra so I’m not going in there until I do (maybe..hopefully..)

  4. My son and I are living out of town while I rehab a hosue where I used to live, so I’m on the strict budget plan, too. We actually came in underbudget last week by hanging out at a friend’s house on the 4th and taking part in a pot luck dinner. One little salad vs. a whole meal equalled a ton of savings.

    I can’t believe Erika talked not only her mom but you into spending money too! Funny….

    • Hahe well you know, the internet is great for finding justification for things. hehe. I love it when I can have a great time with a big group and not spend a lot of money-things like that get me really pumped. Thanks for commenting!

  5. No spend challenges are fairly fun to follow but I simply set budget limits for the month and we do our best to stick to those. If I run out of early in the month then I have a ton of no spend days towards the end.

    • My expenses fluctuate so much I tend to do a “reverse” budget approach-where I deduct all of my fixed expenses and then whatever is leftover is just my discretionary income and I don’t set categories for it so much. I’m still trying to find a way that works for me while learning to live with less. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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