10 things under $10 that make me smile….

I am in a bad mood of epic proportions today. EPIC.

So I’d been thinking of doing this post for awhile, and what better time than now to recap cheap (often free) things that put a smile on my face? In no particular order:

1) Iced Tea- 2.99 per gallon. Sorry to offend those southerners who read this blog, but sweet tea (and soda) are what Rory Friedman calls “liquid satan” in her book Skinny Bitch. Add to the fact that I was unable to have access to sweet tea while I lived in NYC for two years and you have the foundation of an addiction. But at least it’s a cheap/quasi-healthy one. A gallon usually lasts me about four days (drinking about four cups a day…). We recently bought an iced tea machine to cut down on the cost– the 20.00 machine should pay for itself in about six uses!

2) Tervis Tumblers (with a lid and straw)-under  7.00.I got the one with an “L” on it as a gift for participating in Anonymous Kayla’s Wedding (proof that sometimes the best wedding gifts are the most inexpensive!). With the temperatures reaching 100 here in Atlanta the cup was a genious idea. I love that it is spill proof, keeps things cold wayyyy longer than a regular glass and also doesn’t sweat and leave rings on the table when you’ve gotten caught up in a blog post and forgot where you set the cup. It’s perfection for someone as forgetful and clutzy as me. I loved mine so much I bought another one with the letter “B” for 6.49 on sale at the Belk so I could make sure I’d have one everywhere I go. GO GET A TERVIS TUMBLER! RIGHT NOW!

3.) Body Shop Tea Tree Oil- 9.00 I could go on and on about my theory that hyperpigmentation is a modern problem brought on by the hormones producers put in the chicken/beef that we eat, but I won’t. Instead, I will just say it’s a problem I’ve struggled with for years and given the Proactive commercials I’ve seen on T.V. I’m guess others struggle with it as well. This little tube cost me 7.99 (an impulse buy at the Charlotte Airport while I was bored and waiting for a flight) and is a miracle worker. I have spent hundreds of dollars since college on items that lighten skin tone and help fight “discolorations”….none have worked as well as this.

4.) A look at my puppyFREE. – If you read this post you may be shocked to learn how much having a dog can actually cost. Even still, one look or tail wag from my BFF Murray is all I need to snap out of a funk, and that my friends, is priceless.

Hello? Are you in there?

5.) Laying out by the pool-FREE.- I’m assuming you have access to a place to catch some sun.  Skin cancer risk aside being by the water is one of the most calming, downright luxurious ways to treat yourself. Even if you threw in a couple of sodas and some music on the radio an outing to a pool or lake with friends could come out well below ten dollars. As Sheryl Crow sings “The Water’s still free.”

Me and one of my favs-Rebecca!


6.) Sleeping on freshly laundered sheets-FREE- 3.50 (depending on your laundry facilities)- Maybe I’m the odd one out here, but I swear sheets feel differently the first time you put them on the bed after washing them. They have an extra feel of crisp, cottony smoothness that first time you lay down on them and they also smell fantasmo. The pain in the bum that is doing is laundry is often counterbalanced by my excitement/anticipation of a sweet, sweet nap on those clean, clean sheets.

Everyone loves a nap on fresh sheets!

7.)  Hanging out with my momFREE– It’s always free because she pays (ha!). Just kidding.  I didn’t want her to feel left out after my father’s day post about all the great things I’ve learned from my Dad, but I’m sure she’s not surprised to know that our time together is one of my favorite things. Love you Mom, you’re the best!

8.) Scented Candles- 5-10 dollars. Ask anyone, I’ve worked a lot of odd and random jobs in my life in order to support myself and make sure I was paying those old credit card minimums. Among my favorites was working at Bath and Body Works–the annual candle sale was my wet dream. Unfortunately sometimes they can get expensive, which is why I really appreciate this five dollar candle from Target. I’m unsure if “Pink Magnolia” is the name of the company or the fragance but I think it smells like grapefruit. I love the ability of a good candle to transport you and your surroundings out of the mundane and everyday. Yum!

9.)Having an icemaker-FREE- I doubt having an icemaker is actually free since it is probably included in the rent, but since it doesn’t cost any extra I’m going to consider this a freebie. Some of you may think I’m insane for listing an icemaker as a thing that makes me smile…but YOU try living in New York City in the 90 degree summer heat without ice for your drinks and see how you feel. Don’t take the little stuff for granted, people.

It’s a thing of beauty.

10.)  Getting feedback on this blog- 100% free– Ask my boyfriend about the joy that comes across my face when I get a new comment from a reader, or someone else decides to follow me on Twitter and I get a notification. It’s pride, excitment and hope all rolled into one. I’m sure you all can relate to that.

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16 thoughts on “10 things under $10 that make me smile….

  1. This is one of the sweetest posts I’ve read in a long time. Hope it cheered you up and that you have a great weekend! ❤

  2. I’m so glad you love your cup!! I think they are the best thing ever!! We use ours every day. FYI – they have clear ones (not as fun… but hey) for like $3 on sale at Bed, Bath, and Beyond right now. We’re stocking up! Love you!!!

    • I SAW that, and tried to Get Andrew a blue one since he basically highjacked my “B” cup. He wouldn’t hear of it…said it wasn’t as nice as the one you bought me–but thanks for the tip. I love you!

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