The Cost of a Cross-Country Road Trip

Back at the beginning of the month I took an impromptu cross country road trip with a friend. It was a much deserved, although financially imprudent vacation. (I can’t be money savvy ALL the time :)) I thought with the Fourth of July around the corner and people planning for trips of their own, I thought it would be cool for me to post what my trip cost me, and where I could have/wished I could have saved money. Enjoy!



Airfare to Phoenix- 134.80

Airfare Back- 402.00

Baggage Fee- (checked a bag on the way there and back) 50.00


Hotel @ Grand Canyon= 132.96

Hotel for two nights in Vegas= 348.92

Less Travel Companions Portion=-180.00

Total= 301.88


Entertainment= Includes a ticket to “Cirque du Soleil”, A book for the plane, Charges for Internet in Vegas and Cabs around town in Vegas Total=179.44

Food for Whole Trip= Total =153.37

Grand Total=(1221.49-400.00 (Vegas winnings!)= 821.49

Not as bad as I thought it was going to be considering how Vegas is basically designed to separate you from your money, but I probably shouldn’t be taking anymore trips until I find a job. I saved a lot of money on food, but hotels in Vegas (especially if you want to stay on the strip) are expensive. And the prices JUMP if you end up staying Saturday night…so I’d suggest going during the week if you are looking to save $$$. Hotels at the Grand Canyon are expensive too, because there really isn’t anywhere else for you TO stay…so the prices rivaled those in Vegas.

Also, the expense of staying in a more well known hotel while you’re in LV might be worth it. We stayed in a lame place at the verrrry end of the strip because it was cheapest and ended up spending money on cabs to get to all of the cool places.

I could have saved money by taking a smaller carry-on suitcase, but since I thought I was going to be spending 2+ weeks in L.A. the expense (at the time) seemed worth it. Additionally, I could have saved more money on airfare, but again…. Planning is necessary. It also all comes down to- was I willing to have 9 hours in layovers to save about two hundred dollars? It just didn’t seem worth it to me.

I am soooo verry happy that I won a bit of money in Vegas, otherwise I might be pulling my hair out.


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