The “Live like you are miserably poor” Challenge.

Hello everyone.

The “Ten Items of Happiness” Challenge was a roaring success, not just for me but with you guys as well!  I’m so happy and jazzed about actually completing a challenge that I got to snooping around on the internet and found one I think I’d like to take on. I find it appropriate, especially given that I’m “funemployed” at the moment, so check it out and let me know what you think.

It all started with this girl Anna Newell Jones who started her blog “And then She Saved” based on her Spending Fast/Diet Plan. Between 2010 and 2011 she managed to save 26,000.00 by only spending on actual NEEDS. And I’m not talking “oh,but I have to budget to go to the movies because I’ll kill my husband/boyfriend/child” needs,but literal, actual needs.

“Oh, so you want to live like you are actually miserably poor?” My friend asked.

Well..errr. yes.

Anna Newell Jones was able to do it for two years. I’m not going to kid myself and so I’m going to try it for a month and record my progress here. If it works out, I may go for another two months. She suggests you do it for a YEAR because apparently the longer you go, the easier it gets. I’m just not that motivated/in that much debt. But I do like the idea of going cold turkey with your spending, which I have been doing way too much of these days. Sometimes going EXTREME is the best way to go.

She cut out nearly ALL of the unnecessaries, including beauty supplies, trips to the salon, GIFTS (of which I’ve spent 666.00 on this year alone, and it hasn’t even hit Christmas yet) , daily coffee, eating out, even the internet on her phone. Am I the only one who considers having GPS on your phone a neccesity?

She did still keep paying for rent, gas, groceries, her cell phone, and a gym membership (because lets face it, everyone needs one of those). She allowed herself a box of hairdye every now and again, and so I’m going to claim my “exemption”…which is getting my eyebrows done. I promise, you’ll thank me for this later.

I’m excited to get going, but for continuity’s sake I’m going to wait until next Monday to start the “fast”. Guess I better enjoy all the eating out I can this weekend!

How much do you think you would save if you ONLY bought what you TRULY needed (food, clothing, shelter)?


4 thoughts on “The “Live like you are miserably poor” Challenge.

  1. I basically did this right when I was debt free and starting to build an emergency fund. I had such a strong desire to want to save as much as I could, the ability to live like I was poor came so naturally. Probably because I wasn’t necessarily forcing myself (I do awful at no spend challenges) but because I had a goal in mind (a down payment for a condo). Now that we are not buying an investment property, I have an e-fund that I feel comfortable with. I’ll prob have to go back to that lifestyle when I quit my job!

  2. Oh boy, I could save an ENORMOUS amount of money if I did that, because I have very few necessities and bills. However since I spent four years pretty much being poor I think I will pass right now 🙂

    I am still tempted though!

  3. I give you a lot of props for giving this a shot…..I’m sure you’ll find you can save a lot of money. I tend to take a slightly different approach to debt: Yep, I’m in debt, and I’m working my way out by cutting costs, but I’m still going to have fun (within reason, and my budget) along the way.

    Not that one approach is right or wrong – just different. I’ll be following along to see how you do, and to cheer you on!

  4. I would definitely save a lot more if I took out the non-essentials. However, I feel I’d only be able to do it for a month and I feel it would be hard to do during the summer months cause of all the bbqs, vacations, camping, etc. Congrats to you for taking on the challenge! Perhaps I will try it out in the winter. 🙂

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