Insert cliche Craigslist horror story here….

My subletter in NYC disappeared.

Like…. left his keys on our kitchen table and just vanished. It could have been worse, as I am reminded by my lovely former-roommate Michael, and he is right. So many other things could have gone wrong; he could have stolen some things, or ran off with the keys (getting a door re-keyed in New York is wicked expensive). Even though I am shocked and bummed, I’m trying to remain positive. There were a lot of things I could have done differently, but at the end of the day my choice was to move home and unfortunately there is some hazard when doing business online and with people you don’t really know.

So I sent my roomie the money for June rent via pay pal, and after my expensive west coast romp last week, I am feeling the burn. I have three main options available and I would love for my readers to weigh in on this…..

1) Return to New York and temp for the remainder of my lease (which is through Sept 1st). Based on what I was making before I know I’d at least be able to pull about 900-1000 a week. That doesn’t go far in a place like Manhattan, but with my apartment being so cheap I may be able to come home with more money than when I left. If I’m a good girl and save my pennies.

2) Stay here and find a part time job (because temping isn’t really an option in Alabama/Atlanta) and try to pay for the apartment that way.

3) Just pay the rest of my money for the apartment it a loss (1200.00 for july/august) and cry myself to sleep with a bottle of pino noir.

We are attempting to find someone else through a REPUTABLE source, like a friend of a friend kindof thing, and we have had some interest. If we could get someone in there by the weekend I’d only be out about 300.00 for this month. My roomies sure are being gracious about this….if someone ran out on me like that I would freak before letting another stranger live in MY house with MY things. But we already knew my former roommates were the best in the world.  I miss them, and I also miss New York. I’m wondering if two months back in the city wouldn’t be the most terrible thing in the world.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Insert cliche Craigslist horror story here….

  1. Would you consider renting the room on a site like Airbnb? I don’t know what your roommate situation was like, but that may work. In the mean time, it you have a bed and want to rent your room for a night to a Sister and her little brother, let me know! 🙂

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