Ten Items of Happiness-Update #2 Days 10-20

Hey everyone!

So far so good on the ten items of happiness challenge. Again, it’s easier for me because I don’t have too many places to be on a daily basis. I’ve still been fudging a liiiiiitle bit by wearing some of my ten items with work out clothes (like t-shirts and yoga pants) but all-in-all I am wearing way fewer pieces than ever before and loving it! I absolutely cannot wait until my shipment from New York arrives and I have all of my handbags, shoes, and jewelry back with me to break some of these outfits up a little bit more.

Day 11- I went to work with my Dad to help him with a big filing project as he prepares to move offices. I wore my white shorts with the blue stripe shirt.

Day 12- I dressed up a little as I went around Atlanta looking for an apartment. I wore the blue express shorts, my white banana republic top and the white sandals I had picked up for Kayla’s wedding. They are so comfortable and add so much height! I love them!

Day 13- After spending the night with my two besties-Donna and Kayla in Atlanta I just wanted to be comfortable for the drive home, and I also am well-known for packing light. I slipped into the blue shorts again and some sandals and wore a favorite t-shirt (from when Andrew Grissett took me to see the “Dancing with the Stars” tour!) that I thought I had lost. I found it in the back of my closet and wanted to wear it- So I did! (I am a huge DWTS nerd). This is a picture of me trying to get my dog, Wilma, to play with me.

Day 14- Went to see “What to Expect when You’re expecting” (which was so good, see it!) with my parents. I finally got to break out ANOTHER one of my ten items-my very favorite tribal top. This tribal top is a piece I have had since 2008 and I bring it out every summer and wear it over and over again, I’m that crazy about it. Sometimes I wear it as a swimsuit cover up, other times as a top and sometimes in the winter over a long sleeve shirt and leggings-it is just incredible and it was one less thing I didn’t have to go out and buy at the beginning of the month. I fudged (again) and wore a pair of yoga pants out with the top. I don’t think it’s such a huge faux pax, Right?

P.S. A reader had asked me about the bag before: it is the Cole Haan “Village Sheila” crossbody bag in Greenhouse. It is probably my most favorite purse…of.all. time. And it was 100% free thanks to my favorite Jordan :).

Day 15- My brother came home for his bday so we had a big dinner to celebrate! I wore the yoga pants (hmm….maybe we should have made this an eleven item challenge?) with the ruffled tank. It was perfect for the outdoor barbecue in the hot Memorial Day heat!

P.S. Happy Birthday Kev! 🙂

Day 16- Lake day and then out to the drive-in theatre to go see “Men in Black”. I wore the Cynthia Rowley dress again with my trusty gladiator sandals! Please try to ignore the “senior portrait” aspect of this photo. Blame my staff photographer, Karen Bowling.

Day 17- I bummed around the lake all day (again) in my swimsuit and cover up. It was perfection.

Day 18/Day 20- Back to work with Dad again to finish up the filing on his office project. I wore the white shorts and debuted the last item of the ten, which rings true to the saying “saving the best for last”. I fell.in.love with this top the first moment I saw it. I think it is so quirky and cute, and it truly represents what this challenge is all about; it is a piece that is so unique I normally wouldn’t have bought it. As I was looking at it the old excuse “where would I wear it?” kept  popping into my head. I thought about the challenge, and how it’s ONLY to be ten items you love, so I went ahead and bought it and get a rare shiver of excitement every time I put it on. What if every item in your closet made you that excited?

Day 19- I went to ATL to help a friend move. I thought this neon scarf looked cute with the color-block top, but now that I see it in the photos….Yuck. Hopefully this is still a blog about personal finance and not about my cringe-worthy fashion statements.

Only ten more days to go! If you wanna catch up on more of the “10 Pieces of Happiness” challenge please click here! Or here to view my first ten days.


One thought on “Ten Items of Happiness-Update #2 Days 10-20

  1. I’m impressed with how well you are doing on this challenge even though you look like a highlighter in the last picture lol Love youuuuu! You go Glen Coco!!

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