What women will spend 3k on in their lifetime (and it isn’t education…)

Have you ever gone into a CVS (or other pharmacy-type store) to pick up a “few” things you needed and spent way more money than you had intended? This happens to me all the time- at least every six weeks or so, and it’s not like I’m buying magazines or the latest glittery lotion. I go into CVS to get razors, tampons, maybe a birthday card and some shampoo (items I feel like I can justify as needs)and suddenly I’ve dropped 60 dollars that wasn’t  my budget. This happened to me the other day when I sent my mom to Wal Mart to pick up some lady products for me and she spent nearly twenty bucks on just those two items alone. I was in shock. Ouch.

“I bought them in bigger packs than you wanted.” She said. “You end up saving more money that way.”

I quickly calculated up the cost (plus tax) and if the boxes of feminine products last me two months…. that is still over one hundred dollars a year on TAMPONS alone. (I calculated a conservative 17 dollars every two months for this expense=102.00 per year. ) Over a lifetime….say you get your period when you are 15 and hit menopause around 45 thats 3,060.00 in a lifetime. This doesn’t even include razors, haircuts, waxing, MAKE-UP, the exorbitant rising cost of the birth control pill, and other beauty treatments that society expects women to get in order to fit in to our culture. (On the same Wal Mart trip I sent my mother on I also paid out 18 dollars for some Neutrogena make-up removing towlettes and a box of Biore pore strips!)

There is a great Learnvest article here on all the added expenses of being a woman.  I’m certainly not advocating people start wearing old-school reusable rags instead of buying these convenient products…. I just merely want to point out that being a woman has a pricetag.

I should invest in a Sam’s club card and then I could buy a YEARS worth of tampons for 17.00. It would pay for the price of membership in just two months. Or I could just use my parent’s Sam’s Club membership… Or steal some tampons from my friend’s house to cut costs. I also could buy cheaper off-brand products, or more eco-friendly (and cheaper) cardboard tampons…but again. Ouch. Double ouch. Who wants to use those?

What are some ways you make your “being a woman” budget smaller?


2 thoughts on “What women will spend 3k on in their lifetime (and it isn’t education…)

  1. Target has $1 make-up that I use for small things like blush, bronzer, eyeliner, etc. Target also has $1 or $2 makeup brushes that work well. I also buy nail polish or eyeliner from the Dollar Store. Drug store power/foundation instead of department store. I splurge on Mascara and I do buy name brand tampons. I mean, if I’m shoving something up my vagina it needs to be comfortable.

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