What is it WORTH to you?

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days–most of the time spent in Atlanta hunting a new apartment and catching up with old friends, and muddling through the emotions of my recent split.

Ya know, I’ve always been a big champion of the single life…but I simply don’t think people give singles enough credit. Not only is life more expensive as a single, but it gets exponentially harder as well. I got a big dose of this on Wednesday while I was looking at apartments–wishing I could have my ex-boyfriend’s opinion or his shoulder to lean on to help make this decision easier or to have it all make sense in my head. Maybe some people are cringing as they read this, but it is simply how I feel.

I started a personal finance blog not because I feel I’m particularly money-savvy, but to help keep me on track and to hopefully allow for more financial discourse between me, my friends, the PF community at large etc. etc. Nothing brings me more excitement than getting an email from a fellow blogger or a new follower on Twitter. For me the fascination lies in not learning the latest new financial tip or how to make a bigger debt snowball, but in the psychology behind money and what things are worth to different people.

There is no greater way to find out what you (and others) think something is worth than going shopping for a new apartment. The process of actually going and looking at places is trying enough, but computing the actual cost of everything is  dizzying. In short my dillema is this: drain my savings a bit and go ahead and move in the hopes I will find a job soon enough or sweat it out at my parents until said job comes along, which…could be awhile in this economy. I have a budget set up for moving expenses, but now that I am no longer going to be living with my boyfriend that budget is (pardon my french) shot-to-shit.

I’d love to hear what my reader’s think as everyone I know in real life seems to have an opinion.

Before you think I’m crazy to move and spend all that money without the promise of a job, I’d like to put out there that my parent’s house is in the middle of ALABAMA NOWHERE (also the title of my as-yet-unwritten memoir. kidding :)) and it takes a good 45 minutes to get to the nearest town. I classify “town” as a place with a restaurant or two and a movie theatre and not necessarily one where there are decent employment prospects. I’m already spending so much on gas just driving back and forth to go visit my friends…it isn’t 900 dollars worth (which is the going rate on a decent apartment in a decent neighborhood in downtown Atlanta), but it is also the drain on my time and energy to sit here all day with little to do. It’s hard to get a job in a town when you don’t live in the town. I could live for about six months in Atlanta without a job, but then I’d be really tapped out and back where I started three years ago. Risk big, big success? Or am I just being an idiot? I could also stay at my old apartment over my grandmother’s house in Birmingham…but it doesn’t have air conditioning. So….no.

Friends in favor of my move think  I should move slightly outside of Atlanta or get a roommate if I am dead -set on living downtown in order to save money so it wouldn’t be such a huge burden. I agree that these are both prudent financial options, but neither of them get me particularly jazzed. At 25, I feel a little bit “old” to have a roommate (especially here in the South where most of my friends are married).And I’d rather cut off my own fingers than sit in traffic. It would be worth it to me to pay more to live downtown, but then again I don’t even have a job yet. My dad did offer to get me a job in pharmaceutical sales (in Birmingham) but the thought of working another job just because it pays well and I “need” money doesn’t excite me either. That’s kinda what I spent all of 2011 doing….and 2012. My mom thinks the opportunity is a dream-come-true, and that I’m a fool not to take it. Everything is worth something different to everybody else.

While I wait for you guys to weigh in I will sit here ponder on my life a bit more. I splurged and got a new working computer, which is beautiful and I love, and my dad graciously cleared off one of his desks in the study so I can now have a place to work and blog during the day as opposed to sneaking in a half hour here and there on my mom’s laptop when she wasn’t using it. I felt the expense was worth it in order to have the convenience of a machine of my own to work off of. So even if I end up wasting away here at my parents (Ok, you guys obviously know where I stand on this issue) I’ll at least be able to have unlimited access to my blog.

What do you guys think I should do? Go ahead and move and hope for the best? Or play it safe and stay at the lake…indefinitely? What is going to be the best financial decision in the long run?


2 thoughts on “What is it WORTH to you?

  1. Go for the move. You’re living in a scary world out there. Do you wanna spend your life eating at Beans and Greens? It’s good…but you’re way classier than that.

  2. Get on Craigslist and find a short-term sublet or a share for now in Atlanta. It’s not permanent, but that will get you into the city so you can more easily find a great job. 🙂

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