“Ten Pieces of Happiness” Update–The first ten days.

Hey everyone! If you aren’t up-to-date on my “Ten Items of Happiness” challenge, please click here.

I am back from an amazing weekend spent catching up with old friends and participating in the heartfelt wedding of a dear friend. It was a crazy (crazy-busy) weekend, but I did get to test out some of the premises of my “Ten Pieces of Happiness” challenge, and I am happy to report back on them.

Day 1- I went to the movies with the family since my brother came to town to visit me! I wore one of my ten items, a pink Cynthia-Rowley dress and the Banana Republic cardigan/leggings as a cover-up for the chilly theatre air. I consider the cardigan a piece of “outerwear”, which is allowed so don’t crucify me for cheating on the first day.

Day 2- I dressed up to go take my car to get looked at. (I have some really great news about the happy ending to my car situation story which I will hopefully get around to blogging about in the next few days!) I wore a white banana republic top, white shorts from express… both items in my ten. I finished the look with the belt (“the” belt because it’s the only one I have in my closet!), three-year old gladiator flats (!!!) and a purse from Cole Haan gifted to me from a friend.

Day 3/4- I didn’t really “go” anywhere so I just laid by the pool in my swimsuit on these days. Lucky me!

Day 5- I went to dinner with my parents and then to my friend Carrie’s for a Sleepover! I wore a J.Crew t-shirt with Blue Shorts from Express. The scarf is Anne Taylor, the shoes are Elle Tahari.

Day 6/8- I wore the blue dress above with the orange Anne Taylor scarf and flats to go apartment hunting. Then I dressed it up with jewelry for my friend’s rehearsal dinner (see above). The dress counts as one piece of my ten, and my friend Carrie raved over it on two separate occasions, NEVER KNOWING it was the same dress. This just proves one of the points of this challenge…that people don’t really pay as close attention to what you are wearing as you think they do, and that you don’t need to worry about wearing something twice.

Day 7/9– I wore the blue express shorts again with a tank top I bought at a small boutique in Birmingham. You can’t really see it because of my adorable pup Murray, but the tank has stripes and a nice peplum hem. I loved this outfit so much I wore it again on Saturday before the wedding and again on Sunday for the drive home. No one really noticed or cared and I was comfy!

Day 8- For a brunch for the Bride I wore a really great maxi dress. I loved the colors, but after seeing everyone else I wished I had worn something a bit more conservative up top. In my excitement during the purchase of the dress I forgot to note that it was about two feet too long on the bottom (as most long dresses are on me). So I was tripping over it most of the morning. 😦 I don’t want to be a cheater and replace it with another item that actually fits, so I’m stuck with the dress for the next twenty days. On a more positive note, aren’t my sisters beautiful? 🙂

Day 10- Back at home resting up after the busy weekend, I’m in yoga clothes 🙂

Some observations about the ten-pieces challenge

1.) When a person who participated in the “Six Items or Less” challenge said it freed up your mental space, he wasn’t kidding. It has taken me about five minutes to dress (and accessorize!) in the mornings. I am also putting more time into selecting accessories, which is something I’m used to forgetting to do. I also packed for the wedding in about fifteen minutes, and I enjoyed have one less thing to stress about.

2.) In general I have gotten more compliments on the outfits and pieces themselves this week than I have in the past few months. Perhaps it is because I am more confident in what I am wearing? I spent so much time picking the items and pairing them together I never worry if it actually looks good or not, I’m genuinely happy with what I put on every day.

3.) Since I don’t have to be somewhere each and every day I haven’t even worn all the tops I picked out, or had a chance to break out the new shoes I bought. I find that I love the outfits I wear so much I put them on more than once (two days in a row even) because they make me smile.

4.) The only downside of this is that since I am lazy I have been wearing pajamas as clothes. Which technically isn’t breaking the rules of this challenge, just the rules of proper etiquette in general. I wore a negligee under the ruffled tank on Day 9 at one point because I didn’t feel like putting on pants to go to lunch. So beware. You will start fudging on what is acceptable as PJ’s and proper clothing. This is really the only downside at this point, but then again it’s only day ten.

Stay tuned for more updates on day 20!


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