Have you ever had a moment in your life where it seems like time has just slapped you across the face. Like, FWWWWWAAAAAAP (this is the slap sound, FYI) and that slap serves as a reminder that Father Time exists and he is watching you.

My mom said she knew what I was talking about, and that she’d had a few in her lifetime. I think my first genuine moment when I realized I had become older happened yesterday. I attended the wake for the mother of a dear high school friend of mine. She was an amazing lady, and the champion of the theatre department at my school. So many people turned up and came in from across the country to pay their respects– a true testament to how much she had given to so many over the years and how beloved by the community she was.

Despite the circumstances it was nice to get to say hello to a lot of people I hadn’t seen in over seven years, but at the same time I kept looking around and realizing how different everyone was. Gone was the high school awkwardness, everyone standing tall and shaking hands and hugging like adults. Then I realized, “Jesus, we ARE adults”. Everyone had jobs, everyone had moved off, some had already moved back (myself included), a few had gotten married and had children.

Growing up doesn’t make me sad really, (although being an adult comes with a lot of stressful ups and downs) but the sharp reminder of just how quickly time had passed without any of us really realizing it was…. sobering, to say the least. How had we let all of this time go by without connecting with one another?

…..Because time going by is inevitable, and unfortunately we can’t control the outflow of it like we can control our money.

Time is a bitch, perhaps the meanest of them all..but luckily we can control how we spend our precious moments and those we choose to give our time to. We should endeavor to budget our time effectively and watch it more closely than any dime coming out of our pockets.

These are my thoughts for the day.


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