Putting a price on puppy.

New York can be a lonely place.

This is my justification anytime someone asks me why I purchased my dog, Murray. Plus if you’ve ever seen his adorable face, you’d know how hard it is to say no to the little nugget.

Look at that faaaaace!

In fact, after recently watching the movie The Man in the Iron Mask I declared that if I were the King of France I would have a new puppy delivered to me daily, and then have all the old puppies released into a field where I can watch them play. There are few things more awesome than the love of a pet.

….But animals are expensive, and people warned me when I was considering buying a dog that it would be. I was unable to find any articles online detailing just how much money it would cost to bring puppy-baby home, so I thought I would break down my own experiences and how much I have spent on Murray in the last three months.


800.00- To purchase Murray

263.26- Supplies at the pet store where I bought him: Harness, Leash, Food (dry and wet), vitamins, Shampoo, Playpen, and a few toys.

101.75- At Petco, a crate, wee-wee pads, a food and water bowl.

123.00- His first vet’s visit/physical (an 85.00 value) was covered by the pet store, but Murray had a parasite in his stool that required medicine, and I also had to pay for the last of his vaccines. I also bought his Heartworm medication at this time.

65.63- I stupidly purchased Murray some boots (they were UGG boot for Dogs called PUGGZ…I couldn’t resist!) and a rain poncho to wear outdoors, which he hated and I returned them for 60.00 worth of chew toys to keep him from chewing on my furniture.


45.61- spent on a sweater for Murray to wear in the cold, a brush and a lint roller for my clothes and furniture.


75.00- for Murray’s first grooming, it included a bath, haircut, anal gland expression, and nail trim. For NYC this was a total STEAL on dog grooming and I really liked the lady who did it.

136.00- For Murray’s second vet visit and 65.00 worth of Frontline Plus for flea and tick prevention.

35.00- Cash I withdrew to pay my roommate for watching Murray while I went to CT for Passover with my boyfriend’s family.

41.61- For Food at Petco.


39.93- food for Murray to eat. I also had to purchase new water/food bowls for him since I moved at the beginning of the month.

130.00- to the Vet for Murray’s neutering and a bath. This is a STEAL compared to the 350.00 my Vet in NYC was going to charge me for the surgery!

GRAND TOTAL= 1856.79/618.93 per month.

Ouch. In case you didn’t read my last post about my car dilemma…that’s a down payment on a car, or a SIZABLE chunk to put down on the student loan I have outstanding. Still, I wouldn’t trade Murray for anything…even though he never seems to poop in the right place.

A few tips on how you can save $$ on a pet of your own:

1) Not buy one at all (my friend Anonymous Kayla would seriously advocate this).

2) Instead of buying an expensive one from a pet store or breeder you can ALWAYS adopt. There are so many animals out there who need good homes. You’d save money and probably get a dose of good karma along the way.

3) Don’t buy organic dog food. I got suckered into getting some for Murray because the people at the pet store said that was what they fed them. Murray’s picky and he generally only likes the dry organic food. Awesome.

4) When figuring up how much a pet would cost don’t forget that some smaller dogs absolutely NEED grooming, and even the bigger dogs will need their nails trimmed every once in awhile. I would say even if you adopt a dog you’ll need at least 4-500 dollars to cover the supplies and vet visits, unless you already own a dog or have someone who can recycle their old puppy stuff.

Does anyone else have any good ways to save money on a pet?

L. Bee


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