Things I will not miss about NYC.

I’m not going to lie….when I woke up Wednesday morning in my bed at my parent’s house…I felt a little homesick for New York. Just a twinge, but it was there nonetheless.

But things here are beautiful and I’ll have to update you on that later.

So I thought I’d put out a list of things I will NOT miss about living in NYC.

1) Having to CARRY shit…all.the.time. Groceries, laundry, clothes, furniture–you name it and I carried it over the past two years up and down the hill from my apartment to the subway. Yuck. I got some mad muscles out of it though.

2) Tourists-EVERYWHERE. I’m sure if I worked in a different part of town this wouldn’t have been so bad, but it was just so annoying how everywhere you went there were tourists cramming up the sidewalks with their nikon cameras and funny accents. I’m late for work people.

3) Sunshine! The buildings are literally SO TALL in NYC sunlight very rarely hits the pavement. I once jokingly told a friend, “I live in shadow.”

4) The absolutely crazy weather swings. One day it’s 40, the next it’s close to 80. I know the south can be hot, humid and muggy, but at least it’s consistent and it rarely rains.

5) Chick-fil-A.–self explanatory. BOOM!

6) I like that Murray has some room to run and play now, and that I can walk him places without having to worry whose stray cigarette butt/soda bottle/syringe he just found and put in his mouth.

7) Being near to my nearest and dearest.

8) POOLS. They have very few in New York and you have to spend a fortune to get into them, and you don’t DARE go to the free public pools. I like having access to one at my parents, and in Atlanta hopefully I will have a few friends who have a pool too.

9) Not having to ride the subway. Another one that should be self explanatory. Subways are convenient and fast, but they are also disgusting.

10) The prices. I’ve already had sticker shock going grocery shopping with my mom. It’s insane.

So that’s it for now. I’ve attached a photo of what the move looked like. Hope everyone is having an awesome Thursday. Friend me on twitter! @lbeemoneytree.



2 thoughts on “Things I will not miss about NYC.

  1. I visited NY in April, and even though my plane ticket, hotel, and breakfasts were free, I still went through so much money! The best thing that happened while I was there? Winning the broadway lottery TWICE in the same day and getting to see Newsies and The Book of Mormon for $30 & $25 (front row center for BOM) respectively!!! NY is really cool, but I can see it being a VERY difficult place to live if money is an issue…even harder than LA!

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