Personal Finance Sites I love. you are a woman and you don’t know what this is you need to GET ON THAT SHIT and become a part of the BEST financial online community for women. They even have a FREE financial tracking system (like only cuter, because that have pink “folders” you can put your transactions into) for you to keep track of your money. She’s like the Canadian version of L. Bee, twenty-five, and working to pay off her credit cards. So far she’s paid off 16,000 dollars in a YEAR due to extreme budgeting. From personal experience, I know this is no small feat.  If you follow any of these blogs–follow hers. Canadian, but VERY relative to what living in NYC can cost. one I love as she is a soon-to-be married, graduate school gal. There are a LOT of money issues for her to blog about. The only financial burden I have to worry about is my dog, but with my relationship with my boyfriend, Andy, ramping up to the next level it’s nice to read about what financial choices might be on the horizon.

These are just a few. I promise to share if I find anything new or interesting.


Any of you have any personal finance blogs you’d like to share?


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