The cost of a move.

I’m pretty sure I read an article somewhere that lists the most stressful events that could happen in life.

1) Divorce

2) Death of a loved one (lower than divorce, really?)

3.) watching Titanic in 3D Moving.

I’m moving! Yes, back to Atlanta I go. Err. well, back to my parents until I find a job in the Atlanta area or my boyfriend moves down for school. Whichever happens first. Before I delve into the money-related issues associated with a move, I will tell you– despite how much practice I have had moving (six times in seven years-what, what!) I am horrible at it. This last time in New York was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

It was just me, my boyfriend, and a cargo van on one of the hottest August days New York has ever seen. I was trying to fit my oversize chaise into my skinny hallway and it just wouldn’t work. It’s just a couch, it’s just a hallway and a door but I broke down on the side of the road and cried like a little bitch.

“What’s wrong?” My boyfriend asked.

“You’re my only friend.” I mumbled to my boyfriend. “You and my chaise”. Funny how moving can make you feel so lonely.

Consequently another friend of mine came through the door at that moment (high as a kite I might add) and somehow used his marijana acquired spidey sense to come up with a very creative way to get the chaise through the door. All was well that ended well, but that feeling of despair…of sweat sticking to your back and having so much more to do today and no energy is still fresh in my mind. I’m not looking forward to it.

A cross country move?? Yikes. But the cost of shipping my furniture outweighed both what I’d lose selling it and the emotional attachments I have to some of those pieces. They were my first “big-girl” purchases with my first Christmas bonus I ever received, and I am very loathe to let them go.

So the cost effective way of doing this is to ship the furniture. I am shipping a mattress, my behemoth dresser, my large six foot mirror (my glorious, gay-man mirror as my friends call it), and my beloved chaise (assuming, you know, that they can get it back down the small hallway). I am also shipping several boxes of personal effects: clothing, shoes, my papers) to the tune of 1100.00. Trust me, it is about 500 less expensive than renting a Uhaul (1100.00) and loading it and driving it ourselves. They are even custom building a crate around my precious mirror!

I will have to rent a Uhaul anyway, to get my things at my Grandmother’s house that I left behind when I originally moved to New York, and possibly move my NYC things from my parents storage if we do not find a decent place in time. Once the move is completed I will total it all up for you, but my budget is this:

1100.00 for the Shippers

150.00 for Uhaul in the South

1200.00 (my half of rent/deposit for our new place)

115.00 for moving supplies (tape, boxes, and shipping a few boxes of things I NEED immediately when I return home. Shipping takes 2-3 weeks.)


-235.00 from furniture sales (I sold my table and chairs to my roommate,along with an air conditioner and bedside table).

-600.00 deposit from NYC apartment

=1730.00 (*I will let you know how this budget stacks up at a later date).

Not including money to set up utilities, or gas for the car Andrew is driving down. Lets make it an even 1900.00. 

I originally paid 900.00 just for my mattress alone, so it is worth it to me to ship. Someone asked me if I had any advice and all this and I will caution all my friends about buying nice things. If you are a particularly mobile person. (You KNOW who you are!!) DO NOT buy expensive furniture. Buy the ikea crap you’ll get the use out of and leave it on the side of the road when you’re done. I wish I had done this, and going forward I will know better. The number above is staggering considering how I moved to New York two years ago with one suitcase and 300.00. You’ve been warned. This is just another example of how I have often comforted myself with things I thought I should have instead of things I needed.

It’s nice not having to worry about getting new things, and having the familiar around will make the new place feel like home, but I do miss just being able to leave it all behind and take what I need with me. They literally mean it when they say that the older you get the more baggage you have.

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